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HUD Buyer Select (BSCA) is here! The Kim Firm, LLC is our preferred HUD Buyer Select Closing Agent, please click here for more details regarding the new BSCA changes.


Visit our Lion Tail Realty YouTube Channel! We now have virtual tours of new HUD Homes with live action panoramic video tours coming soon!

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Successfully Selling HUD Homes in Georgia!

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Lion Tail Academy (LTA) is Lion Tail Realty's education unit. LTA's mission is to offer assistance and education to any Selling Broker and/or Agent in the popular and growing HUD Home market segment. LTA will assist you and your team in selling HUD Homes for 2018 and beyond!

If you are a Selling Broker or Agent for a realty company, the professionals at Lion Tail Academy are happy to train you and your staff for free in selling HUD Homes and update you on the new rules and regulations for M&M3.8.

This program was developed by Sage Acquisitions, who is contracted by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to market and manage the sale of HUD-owned properties throughout the U.S.

If you are interested in"Successfully Selling HUD Homes in Georgia!" please contact our office at Info@LionTailRealty.com or call (678) 990-3099 or use the link above to reserve your spot.

Lion Tail Realty, LLC is a Local Listing Broker for Sage Acquisitions.

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Ratings & Reviews

"I would like to say how pleased I am with the level of service I received from Robin Parker and Lion Tail Realty.  I was moving to a different state and needed to rent my house quickly.  Robin was very willing to take on my property even though she mainly handled sales.  She was very professional and made the entire process so easy.  She did a wonderful job listing my property and making sure that I was well informed every step of the way.  She was very proactive and because of that my house was on the market less than 45 days before she secured a responsible tenant.  I would highly recommend Robin Parker to anyone that is in the need of these services and fully plan to use her when I return to the north Georgia area to buy another home!"
- Melissa C.

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